Written and performed by Cillian Hegarty ‘March Alien’ will debut at United Solo Theater Festival in New York City on November 5th at the Studio Theater on Theater Row. Check it out on:



“In the pursuit of love a young actor named Git must leave Ireland and become an alien in a far away land.....the USA. When trouble beckons him home he must recall a long lost power from his childhood to battle the dark forces of Immigration that stand in his way.”


About Cillian

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Cillian Hegarty was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. A graduate of the full-time conservatory program at Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin and the National University of Ireland, Galway’s Masters in Theater Practice and Production program he moved to the States to tie the knot with a fellow actor whom he met while training in Dublin. As an Irish immigrant in New York City contributing to a long and rich history of immigrant artists in the United States is the goal.